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Security & Home Automation - Security is a part of everyone's life. What if you could now set back your thermostats just by arming your security system? What if your exterior lights come on when you drive into your driveway. Are your sprinklers still running while it's raining outside? With today's systems, these dreams are a thing of the past. With the systems we offer by Home Automation Inc., the possibilites of saftey and comfort are endless. Being able to automatically turn off appliances or set back the thermostat while you are gone can help you save on utility bills. Forget to set your alarm? Just give your house a call and turn it on remotely.

Whole House Audio / Video - With a whole house audio or video system, you can watch your kids while they are playing in the back yard. Change the channel on any standard TV and you can see who is at the front door. You can listen to a CD in the basement, while a radio station is playing upstairs.

Whole House Intercom - Wouldn't it be great to tell your kids to come inside for dinner from the comfort of your kitchen? What about answer your front door from the convenience of any room in the house? With a whole house intercom installed, these questions are now answered. We proudly install intercom systems by Nutone?lt;/a>.

Structured Wiring - Today's technologies, and the technolgies of the future are requiring higher speed communication lines be installed. Installing these lines when you build your house is far cheaper than trying to retrofit into an existing home. From a home based computer network with high speed internet acess in every room, to phone and TV lines in every convenient location in your home. Most home builders offer only a fraction of the amount communication lines that are needed in today's new homes.